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As a nabeinn foods chef, you can share your talent of cooking delicious and wholesome meals with others while making money in the comfort of your own home! As a nabeinn foods user or “neighbour” as we like to call it, you can order and enjoy delicious homemade food from local chefs right in your neighbourhood.

How we got started?

My love for food was deeply rooted in me since I was a child. Growing up, my mom loved food, but she loved cooking it even more. I still remember my trips with her to the nearby grocery store. She used to meticulously go through the vegetables, meats and other needed ingredients for our signature family recipes and choose only the best. I loved watching my mom prepare these special homemade dishes. She cooked with love and it was evident.

My mom is such an inspiration in my life, but her cooking inspired me the most. My mom cooked from the heart and she used food as a way to gather the family. She ensured we ate wholesome meals while spending quality time together.

As I grew into a young adult, I wanted to share the same joy and love I felt with the world. I wanted others to experience how delicious and wholesome foods can bring loved ones together and allow an exchange of laughter and good stories. The motive behind nabeinn foods was to create a connection among people and passionate cooks within communities and deliver fresh, tasty, homemade meals that are healthy and affordable.

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The vision behind nabeinn foods is to combine the love of food and communities together. Many people crave a homemade meal and do not have the luxury of having it for several different reasons. nabeinn foods allows foodies to satisfy their cravings within close proximity to their home. nabeinn foods’ vision is to expose you to different ethnic foods within your community, meet locals in your neighbourhood, satisfy your homemade food cravings and get the food you want when you want it! We want to bring delicious, local, homemade food that is easy, affordable and convenient.

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