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Connecting Local Chefs with Hungry Neighbours

How Does nabeinn foods Work?

Click on the “Neighbour” button or the “Chef” button to see detailed steps of how each one works! You can use the app as a neighbour, meaning you order food from chefs, or you can use the app as a chef, meaning you are cooking the food and selling it.

Choose From Available Dishes

Browse delicious meals from traditional to unique ethnic dishes offered by cooking experts in your neighbourhood.

Order your Food

Conveniently order the meal that you love through the app.

Pick Up or Delivery

Pick up your freshly prepared meal from close proximity or get it delivered.

Prepare & Publish

Plan & create your signature dishes.
Publish description, price & real images of your dish on the app.

Take Orders

Accept orders & process transactions through the app.

Delivery Notification

Follow the delivery request. Have the meal ready for pick up or deliver the meal to the user.

Easy to access

nabeinn foods easily connects you with cooking experts within your neighbourhood.

Fresh, Tasty and Delicious Foods

Chefs will provide fresh and delicious cultural foods.

Earning while doing what you love

nabeinn foods is a great way to make money while pursuing your love for cooking.

Superb Customer Service

We believe in exceptional customer service! If you run into any problems, please reach out to us.

Why order from nabeinn foods?

nabeinn foods chefs are either certified chefs or home cooks that all share the same passion for food! We believe the way to the heart is through the stomach! This is why we have a team of expert chefs in your neighbourhood who are ready to make you your desired dish!

Experience is a must

We ensure our chefs have valid cooking experience or training.

Quality Ingredients

Chefs are subject to providing high quality ingredients.

Accessible & Affordable

Our chefs make delicious foods which are affordable and easily accessible within your neighbourhood.

Cleanliness & Sanitation

All chefs must go through our training videos to ensure sanitary and food safety handling protocols are met.

nabeinn foods

For fresh, tasty, homemade, and healthy meals to nourish you and your family, download the nabeinn foods app Now!